The Drift: A Novel

The Retreat is the property of The Drift, which stands for the Department of Research into Infection and Future Transmission. Meg, an ex-cop, is on her way to the Retreat when she awakens in a cable car suspended above snowy mountains with five strangers. Hannah, a boarding school student, was also on her way to the Retreat when she awakens after her bus crashes during a snowstorm. Carter, a man with a past as disfigured as his face, is currently at the Retreat where the power is threatening to go out. All of these people are survivors who will be faced with many challenges if they hope to make it through the end of the world. ||Be forewarned, there are no happy endings here. This is brutal and horrific, but it felt like the not-too-distant future if we keep having outbreaks. It doesn’t take much for society to break down, and everyone begins to look out for themselves. I thoroughly enjoyed the points-of-view changes and how they all came together. If you enjoy apocalyptic-type stories, this is for you. The author managed to encapsulate all of my worst nightmares into one book, so definitely a good horror story.