The Nightmare Man: A Novel

The Nightmare Man is the one who gives nightmares to children. What novelist Ben Bookman and Detective Mills know is that nightmares aren’t just for kids. Mills and his daughter, also a detective, are called to investigate a gruesome murder of a family only to discover it exactly as described in Bookman’s latest novel. When the bodies start piling up, Ben becomes the main suspect as each continue to play out like his story. But what he wrote, isn’t the only nightmare come to life. Ben and the detectives will have to discover the link between all the nightmares before they claim more victims.

This was much better than I even thought it would be. The plot was an interesting twist on the classic nightmares come to life. I really enjoyed Detective Mills’ character and his struggles with his gift/curse. The only downside is that the book ended too soon. I would love to see where things go with Bri and Blue. If you enjoy creepy horror stories, this one’s for you. I will never recommend this to my son who struggles with nightmares, but for everyone else, I highly recommend.