The Fear of Winter: Book One in The Fear Of Series

In The Fear of Winter, we follow Tom, who is still looking for his missing daughter two years later. On a December night in Colorado, Megan never came home. With no leads, the case has gone cold, but Tom hasn’t given up yet. He contacts Marshall York, a private investigator, who with his assistant, Hannah, delves deep into Megan’s life. Maybe finally, all working together, the three of them will discover what really happened to Megan, if it doesn’t get them killed first.

I found the premise very interesting as well as the title, but the title never came into play. It was never once mentioned. Also, there were a lot of errors for something that wasn’t an advanced reader copy. The main characters’ names kept getting switched, the plot didn’t even match the description on the back, and there were often no breaks when switching points of view.

I’m not quite sure what to think about this book and I don’t know where the author will go in the next installment. The characters in this were all incredibly broken and there wasn’t much light or redemption. If that is something you enjoy, then this book might be for you.