Fall of the School for Good and Evil (Rise, 2)

Fall of the School for Good and Evil is the prequel to the movie The School for Good and Evil, which is about two brothers: Rafal and Rhian. Rafal and Rhian have always been extremely close throughout their immortal lives, ruling their respective schools. Rhian leads the School for Good and Rafal leads the School for Evil… until now.

Ever since James Hook, a student at the School for Evil, ran away with twelve of the best students to Neverland, mistrust and betrayal have stirred in the hearts of Rafal and Rhian. Neither can trust the other and it seems as if the Storian’s prophecy is coming true a lot sooner than either Rafal or Rhian could have expected. Will the two headmasters be able to reforge their brotherly bond? Or will only one survive?

This book was pretty good, but you have to watch the movie or read the main book to actually understand what’s happening in this book. The book started off really slow; it was around the middle where I actually got interested. I recommend this book for kids ages six to ten. It is not that interesting for teens and I don’t think it would be engaging for adults. Fall of the School for Good and Evil is a good read for the young reader in your life!