Every Gift a Curse (The Gifts)

The dreaded Housekeeper has returned. This harbors new challenges for Maeve, who knows she has to approach the Housekeeper from an unconventional angle in order to win. So she opens herself up to a dark power that is not her own in order to explore the complicated past of the Housekeeper, all while she loses more and more of herself to the mysterious, all-consuming power.

The Housekeeper isn’t the only threat, either; the religious cult known as the Children of the Brigid are kidnapping teens in order to complete a dangerous ritual. Armed with her fractured coven and the strange power, Maeve sets out to save the teens and stop the Housekeeper. But can she do this without losing herself to something more terrible than anything she ever imagined?

I greatly enjoyed this book. It was a complex farewell to the series, all while discussing topics such as religious trauma, LGBTQ teens, relationships, and navigating identity. Maeve and her friends are flawed and messy characters, but they are real and relatable. I loved the inclusion of witchy powers and paranormal magic, especially the unique spin on tarot. I would recommend this book to fans of paranormal fantasy and complex characters.