Soulscapes by Lee Woodman

About the Book:

Soulscapes, the fifth volume in Lee Woodman’s “scapes” series, is an exploration of the way we reach for godliness or soul in our lives and relations. As a seeker who admits, discovers, and ponders all gods, the poet has been influenced by aspects of many faiths-Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Buddhist, Christian, Judaic, Native American, as well as worldwide tribal beliefs; and she has investigated many areas of spiritual belief and practice-origin stories, spirit animals, tarot, witchcraft, the occult, past lives, lucid dreaming. The poems in this collection express Woodman’s dedication to the exploration of both the scientific fact-based world and the magical, mysterious unknown as elements of an ever-growing faith in the oneness of the universe.



“Woodman is a masterful poet who dives right in to our deepest places. Whether writing about mystical beings, daily occurrences or flowers, she reaches places we don’t even know are there. The beauty and fluidity of her writing secures her place among our top and revered poets.”

– Susan Bradford, an Amazon reviewer

“Lee Woodman’s fifth poetry collection Soulscapes is a transformative journey for both speaker and reader. Anchored in beautiful formal movements—sonnets, pantoums, villanelles—and moving ekphrastic poems grounded in visual and musical art, Soulscapes offers readers a chance to ask deep questions and perhaps get closer to finding some answers. Here, Woodman crafts poems as spells and incantations. Her words highlight the sensual movement of the moon, tides, and even the self among varied worldly landscapes. These are poems filled with other voices, ghosts, past lives, and poetic influences. They breathe and break through, sing and paint images, and move through time in overlapping histories of humanity, nature, and spirituality.”

– Emily Holland, editor of Poet Lore

About the Author:

LEE WOODMAN won the 2023 IPA Award for Distinguished Favorite in Poetry and the 2020 William Meredith Award for Poetry. She is a poet and arts lover. Known as the SCAPES poet, her five published collections open up different kinds of “landscapes,” of the mind, heart, and senses. She revel’s in topics about the human condition—longing and love, dreams and secrets, notions of home.