Financial Feminist

Tori Dunlap, popular podcast host, authors her first book doing what she does best: dispense knowledge about money smarts to women of all ages. Dunlap shares hard-earned know-how about paying off debt, investing, budgeting, building savings, and even negotiating a better salary. Questions geared at uncovering long-held beliefs help readers understand the root of myriad money issues. Guest essays from financial experts round out sound advice offered throughout the book.

While some of the advice dispensed throughout the book is standard fare, Dunlap adds a nuanced view of personal finance by helping readers understand how systems of oppression affect personal choices and the resulting circumstances. By deconstructing the harmful and condescending messages that women get about money, Dunlap helps women overcome the shame and guilt related to money. What sets Dunlap’s approach apart from other financial advice geared toward women is a solid and thorough discussion about spending. Dunlap believes that money is a tool and resource to help people achieve their best life; however, they define it. Spending money on things that give one joy is just as important as saving and investing.