Destiny Springs

Elliott Foster’s Destiny Springs is the conclusion to a trilogy that launches with Panic River and continues with Reckoning Waves. The final book begins with Cecelia Jackson’s revenge plot as she seeks out Corey, the man who murdered her husband. While having a wonderful time with his lover, Corey suffers a disaster from which he may never recover—the result of accidentally killing a man in the past. He flees for his life after surviving a horrific attack and finds himself in the company of family and friends. As Cecelia closes in on him, Corey uncovers long-buried family secrets and affairs that could either strengthen or sever his bonds with his loved ones. He learns more about his family and friends and grows more in tune with his artistic nature as the fear of death approaches. Will Corey embrace life or tire of fleeing his persistent pursuer?

While reading the book, my heart was beating as though I had just finished a race with a ferocious beast on my tail, and I just couldn’t put it down. Elliott adds strategic roadblocks and detours to Cecelia’s deadly goal as the narrative swaps views between the hunter and the prey, giving you a little moment of relief before another wild twist comes up. However, the frightening periods are matched with relaxing, intricate details of art descriptions and the characters’ surroundings. I had fun picturing the artworks in the book, such as the one described to “capture the sunlight and sea spray against the earth-toned colors of the cliffs.”

Elliott Foster clearly took his time to create an immersive experience for the reader since the novel unfolds bit by bit, revealing every important element, from the characters’ thoughts to their actions and environments. I held my breath as Cecelia tried several passwords to unlock another character’s phone. Furthermore, the surprising disclosures regarding the protagonist’s family also contribute to the book’s appeal and unpredictability.

Destiny Springs is ideal for fans of suspense and realistic characters that deal with relatable issues. It includes such themes as sexual identity, hunting, grief, family secrets, betrayal, passion, art, dating, relocation, and hunting. Despite not having read the other novels in the series, I had no trouble following this installment. However, I believe that reading them would have enhanced my experience. Because the novel covers serious topics of murder, death, and sexual abuse, it is best suited for mature readers.

Ultimately, Destiny Springs is a suspenseful, vivid, and evocative book that exposes the flaw in perceiving things through emotional lenses rather than rationally. A must-read for readers looking for a heart-racing literary experience!