Mistborn: Secret History (The Mistborn Saga)

A novella from bestselling author Brandon Sanderson set in the Mistborn universe, Secret History was originally released in the Arcanum Unbounded anthology but is now available as its own little hardcover pocketbook for the first time.

Fans of the Mistborn series will be well familiar with the Survivor of Hathsin, Kelsier, but there were many questions and potential storylines left unfinished that are finally and welcomingly addressed in this novella. It is filled with spoilers, so readers should avoid it if they haven’t read the original trilogy.

Events take place after the conclusion of the first Mistborn book, Final Empire, and continue through the rest of the trilogy and on into the Wax and Wayne sequel series, filling in plot holes and answering questions. What happened after Kelsier died? He learns of the god Preservation and the significance of Scadriel, as well as playing a part of an entire new and metaphysical world.

Sanderson shows his real talent as a writer in this novella, not just in telling a good story but also in showing how all the little tangents and tendrils can link up with the ongoing plot of the Mistborn series. Fans won’t want to miss this one.